Ever wonder why when you Google a business, some of them have a huge ad on the right hand side, including a photo of the business, map, address, phone #, hours, and sometimes even online reviews?  Wonder how they got that and how much it cost them?  Well, they set it up themselves and it’s FREE!

Google My Business has made it easier than ever to put your business information big, bold, and easy to find by your customers.  Having a photo of your business and all the information right there on the search page allows them to contact you or find your store easily without having to search any further.

Here are step by step instructions on how to set your business up on Google My Business for FREE.

To add or claim your business:

First, Google your business name and see if anything shows up on the right of the Google search page.  If it does, look for the “Are you the business owner” link and click it.  If you don’t see a link, then you must add your business by going to google.com/business and click on the “Get on Google” button.  Then sign into your Google account or click create a Google account if you don’t already have one.

You will then see a map where you can search for your business in the search box.  Google often adds businesses information by collecting information online.  Don’t be surprised if your business if on Google even though you didn’t put it on there.  If your business does not show up, click on the magnifying glass and follow the instructions on how to add your business.

Once you enter the most current and accurate information for your business, you will need to verify it.  This will verify that you are the business owner.  Before verifying, be sure the name of your business, address and category are correct.  Once you send for the verification code, it is best not to make any more changes to your listing after clicking “verify” and until you receive the code otherwise you may need to send for another code.  You can make more changes after verification.  You can ask for Google to give you the code by them calling your business phone or mailing it to your business address.

And that’s it!  As manager of your own Google account, you can make updates to your listing as often as needed.  Whoever said, “You can’t get anything for free”, obviously doesn’t know Google the way we do!

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