Custom Website Pricing

Every business is different . . . having specific needs that uniquely position them in their market. Our websites are attractive, intuitive, and conversion focused—but they are also extremely well engineered.  Robyn’s team meticulously develops adaptable, responsive websites that are simple to update and customized for each client’s specific needs.

Robyn and her team work very diligently to develop websites that:

  • operate smoothly and efficiently
  • reinforce and improve your brand image
  • deliver on your customers’ expectations
  • give you effective and less expensive advertising

Base Price

Mobile Friendly (Responsive)   
Header, Menu, and Footer are included.

Charged hourly @ $60 hr.  

PAGES     $  100 ea
Includes unlimited copy and photos (supplied by client). And includes the $50 fee for SEO on each page.


  • Home
  • Contact Us
  • Services
  • Testimonials
  • About Our Products
  • Pricing
  • About Us
  • Calendar
  • Gallery or Portfolio
  • Tips and Hints
  • Our Staff
  • Resources
  • FAQs

A La Carte Modules 
(items to add to your pages)

Creating Slide Presentation or Video
(usually 3 – 4 hrs)    $ 60 hr
Includes embedding the slider or video.

Embedding Existing Slide Presentation
or Video
   $ 30 ea

Photo Gallery – set-up includes up to 20 photos    $ 150
(additional photos $2 ea)

Photoshoot   – Travel and Set-up    $ 100
                          – Photoshoot    $ 60 hr

Photo Retouching     $ 60 hr
(Including cropping, retouching and enhancing)

Copywriting      $ 60 hr

Accordion     $ 75 – $ 150
Pricing varies depending on the number of levels.

Newsletter Opt-in     $ 150
Connecting to your existing iContact, Constant Contact, or MailChimp.

Online Reviews    $ 100
Your customers are able to leave a review of your products or services.  Reviews are not posted to your site until you approve them.

Blog      $ 150

Blogging training     $ 60 hr

e-Commerce Storefront     $ 350
Shopping Cart and Payment Set-Up (to your existing Paypal, Stripe or payment gateway). Includes input of 5 items or services.

Inputting items in store    $60 hr

Paypal or Stripe “Buy Now” buttons    $ 30 ea

Specialty Modules      $ 50 ea
A module is a section of information on a particular page, other than type or a photo.  It may contain a special background, graphs or counters.                                              

On page links     $ 10 ea

Logo Design    (4 Logo Designs / 2 Revisions / 1 Final Art)   $ 499  

Company Branding     Individual price quotes vary   $999 +

Social Media Page      $ 150
This is the COOLEST module you can imagine!  It is a page that will show all of your posts, whether they come from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, etc.  And then your customers can choose to see only Facebook posts, Twitter posts, etc.

Links for “Follow” or “Visit”      $ 20 ea
Usually placed above the footer.  You may include any social media accounts you have including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter,
Google +, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube

Social Media “Share” Package       $ 75
Floating Share Module that will share any page the customer is on at the time.  This will share your page to their Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, or any sharing account they have (you do not have to have an account at their share locations).      

Basic Search Engine Optimization      $ 50 per page
Research and implement best Title and Description and implement on-page Keywords, making it possible for search engines to find
your website.

Social Media Account Set-up      $60 hr
This is for setting up your personal accounts in case you don’t know how, or just want me to do it for you.  This includes Paypal, Stripe, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube Channel, etc.

Google Analytics     $50

Future edits to your website     $ 60 hr

Training you to make your own website edits*     $ 60 hr
* I do not recommend this for anyone who is not currently trained in HTML, CSS and PHP.  This one comes with a fair warning that if you mess up the code, I will charge you $60 per hour to fix your mistakes.



Hosting, Maintenance, Security:

I use HQ Secure which is a highly rated and reliable host.  I am on a High-Speed Pro Plan. Under my account, you can get this high-speed plan plus maintenance on your website for just $20.00 per month, charged on a yearly basis.

Ongoing Costs:

Website Hosting, Maintenance, and Security Package
$ 20 per month  ($240 per year)

Maintenance and Security Only

$ 15 per month ($180 per year)
(Maintenance includes monthly updates to WordPress, plugins and outdated code. Security systems report daily and issues are resolved.) 

Domain Hosting
$ 17 average per year

Email Hosting

$ 15 ea per year


Transferring your current website hosting to my server    $ 90
If you have an existing hosting service with an existing website that you would like transferred to my account to take advantage of the
low-cost high-speed plan, it takes approximately 1-3 days to move all of the files to my account and for the service to be transferred.
(Your website will be down for a portion of this time.) 


Note: Your domain name will always be registered in your name.  After your website is built and paid for, it belongs to you.  (You will find many web developers claiming ownership of your domain name and website in order to force you to keep using their services.)  I do not do that!   🙂



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