Project Estimator


Step #1 - Required items

Page Suggestions - About Us, Our Services, Products, Calendar, Pricing, Gallery or Portfolio, Photo Albums, Tips and Hints, Testimonials or Kudos, Our Staff, Resources, Events, Book an Appointment, Menu, FAQs, Videos, Articles, Newsletters, Store, Free Stuff, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Returns and Exchange Policy

At this point, you have a complete website with Design, Build, and the added pages you need with unlimited copy and photos.

The following pages show you options you may add to your website at any time.

Step #2 - Images

Step #3 - A La Carte

Step #4 - Social Media


*Required - In Step #5, Search Engine Optimization is required only on the Home page (otherwise no one will find you on the internet).

Step #5 - SEO


*Required - In Step #6, choose which Hosting / Security / Maintenance Package is right for you.

Step #6 - Website Hosting, Website Maintenance & Security, Domain Name, Email Hosting

Note: Domain Name Registration is usually $25 per year. Email Hosting is $60 each per year (includes forwarding if needed).

* Required