About Robyn Graham-Millheim
I have been a graphic artist since 1985 in Hollywood, working with the movie industry on movie poster and billboard art.  I was provided opportunities to work with companies such as Lucas Films, Warner Brothers, Disney, Columbia, Sony, Universal Studios and the American Film Institute.  I also worked within the art departments of the Coca Cola Bottling Company of Los Angeles, Disney Consumer Products, and the McDonald’s Corporation.  Since 2006, I have taken the out-of-the-box creative styles required by companies of their caliber and applied them to website design. 

About the Websites By Robyn Team
No matter what size your business, we deliver website solutions that work for you.  I talk to you in terms you understand, and design to your unique needs and taste.  Whether you want a blog, a simple brochure website, or an extensive e-commerce site, my team and I will create a beautiful work of art to represent your company.

Something you will find about our team, as stated in many of the testimonials, is that we are always honest and fair.  We are easy to talk to, and handle crisis calmly.  I am also honored to give you this promise:

Your domain name will always be registered in your name.  After your website is built and paid for, it belongs to you.  (You will find many web developers claiming ownership of your domain name and website in order to force you to keep using their services.)  I do not do that! 


Number of websites I have designed


Percentage of my 12 hour days I spend on designing websites

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Websites by Robyn is located in Monument, Colorado.  But we can build your site no matter where you live in the world.  Your location doesn’t matter.  Most communication and file sharing, even with local customers, is done electronically.



No more searching for your lost website developer who moved to the Caribbean and took all your passwords with him.  I am here for you even after your website is built.  If you have problems, give me a call.  You also have access to all of your logins and passwords to your site for your safekeeping.


You will have a team of creative professionals to help your project move forward.  The Internet is constantly changing and growing, and hackers are getting more prevalent than ever.  It is imperative to have a trained professional building, maintaining and securing your website.


Your website will be designed by me, Robyn.  As you can see from my portfolio, my designs are very diverse, reflecting your personal style and the style of your business.  This is all about you, not me.


All of our websites, after January 2015, are responsive / mobile friendly sites.  These sites not only work great on desktops and laptops, they automatically reconfigure for tablets and smart phones (whether holding them vertical or horizontal).


I have an incredible team of technicians who are the real brains behind the code.  Because many of my designs are designed outside-the-box, I challenge even my smartest website coder to make them happen….and he does.

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