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Our Servers
We exclusively use Apache servers, PHP and MySQL for hosting and website development. This combination has repeatedly proven itself to deliver the best performance, features, and value for money when compared to similar web technologies.

We feel it is important for US and Canada websites to be hosted in a Los Angeles data center rather than in an overseas facility. Having servers located in the US guarantees faster website access for USA and Canadian site visitors. It also provides website owners with the security of having their sites in a data center that is subject to US laws and regulations.


Our Data Center
We maintain and operate a state-of-the-art data center; offering private suites, locked cabinets, multi-tenant open rack space, managed application servers, flexible network and Internet connectivity and all the accompanying service options.

Operate your critical business applications and IT infrastructure in the type of environment these important assets deserve. Our network operations center technicians handle the maintenance and management of these complex facilities and infrastructure enabling you to reap the benefits of a world-class facility with a minimum investment of resources and up-front capital.


Some of the many benefits of leveraging a professionally managed data center include:

  • Increased bandwidth with lower costs
  • Greater network and power redundancy
  • Improved physical security and video surveillance
  • Access to 24/7 on demand technical support
  • Proactive service monitoring and SMS or email notifications
  • Equipment is located in an environmentally controlled space with dry fire suppression
  • Uptime guarantees backed by an SLA


Data Center Facts

  • Multi-homed network with 99.95% uptime backed by our SLA
  • Redundant UPS power with 100% uptime backed by our SLA
  • FM-200 clean agent dry fire suppression
  • Anti-static tile with overhead wiring and power

Redundant Power

  • Main power is backed up by a Cummins diesel generator
  • The entire data center receives conditioned power from redundant Powerware UPS systems.
  • Redundant power is delivered to each rack as an A & B feed each coming from separate Power Distribution Units
  • The data center is located on a newly upgraded power grid


Redundant HVAC

  • 150-ton capacity, redundant Carrier HVAC system
  • N+1 Cold Water Pumps
  • N+1 Precision Aire Air Handlers


Building Facts

  • Our facility is located outside of the 100-year floodplain.
  • The building has an F3 wind rating, capable of withstanding 110 mph winds.
  • Building exterior skinned with 10 gauge steel studs, 1/2 inch concrete board with a full trowel membrane, 3 inches of Styrofoam, a 3/8 inch trowel of concrete (in mesh) and an additional membrane.


All entrances to our facility, entrances to the data center areas, and each individual data center row are monitored 24/7 by digitally recorded video surveillance.

The Data Center does not adjoin any exterior walls. All visitors must be authorized for access through an enrollment process that includes generating a photo style ID badge and capturing fingerprint biometric information. Visiting clients are required to check in at the front desk to check-out their photo ID badge. Access rights and identity for visitors are then double checked and their activity is logged by the biometric controllers located on all access points to the data center. Only an authorized set of Red Anvil personnel has access to the data center. No other individuals are allowed access without prior authorization and an appropriate escort.