Series 4, Article 35

It’s really tough getting your website noticed on the Web. Even if you have a beautiful, informative site about a popular subject with awesome photos and entertaining interaction, you could have a problem attracting visitors.  One of the most reliable ways to improve traffic is to achieve a high ranking on search engines such as Google.

While most search engine companies try to keep their processes a secret, their criteria is fairly simple if you follow the “white hat” rules very carefully. Search engines are successful only if they provide the user a list of websites related to their search terms.

If your site is the best resource for a particular subject on the Web, it benefits search engines to list the site on or near the first page of search results. You just have to find a way to show search engines that your site belongs higher and higher on the list. That’s where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in — it’s a collection of techniques you can use to improve your website ranking.

Your web pages should include useful information, exciting photographs and helpful links guiding visitors to other resources.

Many so-called SEO experts claim they know the latest tips and tricks to push your website to the first page of Google.  Beware! You may spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars and end up with temporary results, or even worse, if they use “black hat” techniques, your website could get banned from indexing at all!