Series 4, Article 34  


Here are 9 great video online programs to create the perfect marketing video for your website:


  1. Prezi is a interesting take on the slide presentation as it allows you to create one giant and more easily connected idea and then use the tool to zoom, pan and fly all around the presentation to create a really dynamic feel.


  1. YouTube is hosting and streaming your videos anyway, so why not use their editing software? You can also add annotations and transcripts to your videos making them more SEO friendly.


  1. Camtasia software is the market leader in the screencapture video world. Screencast videos are a great way to demonstrate how something online works. The features allow you to add focus to areas on your screen as well as annotations and URLs.


  1. Animoto automatically produces beautifully orchestrated, completely unique video pieces from your photos, video clips and music.


  1. Stoome. Crowd-sourcing — Upload video clips from other users, working on your project alone or with others. Great for creating videos when you attend a big event or conference.


  1. GoAnimate. This tool allows you to make full-featured animated movies using characters and sets of your choosing. Animation can be a really powerful way to tell your story in a unique manner.


  1. Magistro. This tool takes your raw footage and goes through and picks out what it thinks is the best of the best to create a short video. The tool then lets you add music and titles.


  1. Sellamations creates doodle videos where a hand draws out your story with a marker in highspeed capture.


  1. Common Craft uses paper cutouts moved around or white boards to tell your story. This is probably one of the best ways to take a complex idea and really make it easy to understand.     

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