Series 4 Article 37  


In an ideal internet world, a website should go to the top of every search engine’s ranking based on keywords and content alone, right? If you put “hair salons in Monument, Colorado” into your Google search, you should get a list of just hair salons in Monument, Colorado.


And yet people will put keywords into the back end of their website to encompass surrounding areas, such as, a hair salon in Colorado Springs putting “Monument Hair Salon” as a key phrase. This is frustrating for the person searching for hair salons in Monument. Even if someone clicks on that website, they will leave when they see it’s not in Monument.


So what Google did is to require that you have actual content in your website that matches up to the keywords you put in the backend of your website. Bad SEO techniques may trick your way to the top of the search engine ranking, but then get you black-listed for good. It’s just not worth it.


Hire an SEO person or company who is honest and precise in their SEO coding. The best way to know your SEO person is good is that they will NOT:

– Claim you can be at the top of a Google Search immediately.

– Claim they know Tricks and Tips to “beat or trick the system”.


An honest and talented SEO person or company will let you know:

– The importance of “legitimate chosen keywords” and “keywords placed in content”.

– It takes a month or more for Google to recognize your site and respect it as a “truthful-google-rules- abiding site” and put you higher in search engine ranking.

– You, as a new website, will be below the other “truthful-google rules- abiding sites”, until you show more traffic to your site, more relevant information, and more activity on your website.

This is only fair that you not bump the sites that have been around for years until you’ve proven yourself, right?  So now your job is to Prove Yourself!