It’s true that more people trust peer recommendations over advertising.  It is a business necessity to start to collect, and use, recommendations and testimonials.  Recommendations and testimonials are one of the best ways to establish “social proof”. 

How do you formalize collecting the glowing words of satisfied customers, in a way that is sharable, viral, and immediate?  Simply ask.

Here is a sample letter you may want to email to request recommendations from your friends, customers and clients. 

Make sure your listings are up to date on all of these directory sites before asking people to review you.  You will, of course, replace my sample information within the parenthesis with your own information.

Hello (customer’s name),

I am in the process of updating the online presence of my business, (business name).  I would be very grateful for any testimonials and recommendations you would be willing to share regarding my business.

As I continue to grow, my strongest marketing tools include word of mouth and recommendations.  I would like to utilize feedback from satisfied clients to help gain the trust of future ones.

Would you be willing to go to a few of the internet directories listed below and leave a recommendation for our services and how we’ve helped you?  This should only take about 15 minutes.  And you may copy the same review to each.

I know your time is valuable and I thank you for your consideration.

(your name)

Then include with your letter this list of websites they can go to in order to review your website.  BE SURE TO REPLACE MY BUSINESS INFORMATION WITH YOURS.

Google Plus Review:  Simply Google (“Websites by Robyn”) in your browser.  On the right side of the screen you will see a “Write a Review” button below our contact information.   Write a fabulous review!

Facebook Review:  When you go to (, on the left side of the timeline, click on the blue stars review button.  Write a raving review!

Yelp Review:  Go to   Log in.  Type in (“Websites by Robyn”) in the search bar.  Write an ecstatic review!

City Search Review:  Go to  Type (“Websites By Robyn”) in the search bar, with (“Monument, CO”) in the location.  Click on “Review” and start reviewing!

Merchant Circle Review:  Go to (   Click on “Reviews” and leave a glowing review!

Foursquare Review:  Go to ( and then click on the Heart to make it Pink – meaning “I like this place!”

Super Pages Review:  Go to   Type (Websites By Robyn) in the search bar, click on the “Reviews” tab, and then on the blue “Write a Review” button.  Then graciously leave a wonderful review!