Series 4, Article 66


First of all, your Facebook Business Page needs to be a “Page”, not just a “Place” or “Group”.  The biggest difference between these is that “Pages” have an “About” section where you put your business address and phone number, not just a short business description.  

Adding business info to your Facebook Business Page helps customers discover you and see what your business is about. And it makes it easier to find your Page on Facebook and with search engines.


  1.  Revise Your About Section

While you are in your “About” section updating your contact information, be sure to check your “Category” so that it doesn’t just say “Category” under your business name in the header.  Go to “Page Info.” under the “About Tab” and choose a sub-category that is highly relevant for your page.

Then, in that same section, change your Facebook Web Address to your business name.  For example, mine is

Then check and update your address (which will automatically provide a map for your customers), phone number, business start date, short description, long description, hours, price range, parking, email, and your website address.

Note that if you select the Local Business category when you create your Page, customers can rate your business and write reviews.


  1.  Make your Profile Photo and Cover Photo Relevant

Photos show customers what they can expect from your business.  The first impressions people will see are your profile photo and cover photo.

Your profile photo, the photo that is in the small box on the left of your header, will show up on all of your posts, so make is relevant to your business.  Your logo, your face, an object that represents your business clearly, are all good ideas for your profile photo.  

Using your business logo is really the best idea.  Branding your business (having a look and the style that people recognize as you) is imperative when marketing yourself.  For example, no one questions who is advertising when they see golden arches, right?

Go to: to see the exact dimensions both photos should be and how the profile photo sits on the cover photo.  Having your profile photo cover up an important part of your cover photo looks unprofessional so be sure to arrange it nicely.

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