Series 4, Article 72 has brilliant online tools for Infographics that can make your Facebook Post content and photos too fun for anyone to pass up!  Get better click-through on your posts by using some of these great online tools:

    Social media has become extremely important in content marketing in the last few years. So, you really have to know what the trending topics are to cash in on this enticing new playing field. Twitter is one of the top social networks around, and the beauty of it is – you don’t have to say much; you just have to know what is getting a lot of attention.
  2. Portent’s Title Maker –
    A great blog title can get you the attention you need, and this online app makes it so easy, it’s hilarious. It gives you pointers on why the title rocks, and even does it in entertaining tongue-in-cheek fashion. If you don’t like the first suggestion just click on the refresh icon and it’ll give you another one.
    Content writing may not be on the top of your skill set, but with a little help from the pros from Edugeeksclub, you can come up with great posts. If you find yourself pressed for time, you can get them to make your content perfect by having their professional team do the proofreading, editing, or writing it for you.
    Using infographics is an excellent way to highlight important points, and get your audience to pay attention to what you are trying to say. Venngage helps you create an infographic if you are an absolute zero in image editing and manipulation. You still have to input your own charts and stuff, but they give you templates to use so you don’t have to do it from scratch. 
  5. Nimbus Screenshot (Chrome Extension)
    Sometimes you need to take screenshots to illustrate a point. Most people know that the PrtScr key on the keyboard captures your whole screen so that you can paste it in Word or Paint. That’s fine if you want the whole screen; otherwise, you have to edit it. This add-on tool (Chrome, Firefox, Android, and Windows) gives you more control over what you capture. It also allows you to save, edit, and share you screenshots easily. 
    Images which break up your text and provide visual interest are an excellent way to increase the readability of your post. Unfortunately, you have to contend with copyright issues to use images on the Internet, or you have to pay to use stock photos. Pixabay offers copyright and royalty free images you can use any way you like, and you don’t even have to attribute them.
    If you get images from Pixabay, or you have your own, chances are you want to tweak them to make them unique. Fotor helps you do that even if you know nothing about image editing. This online photo editing service is quick and easy to use if you just want a basic edit and maybe a few enhancements. While it does not have the power of professional editing tools, it won’t give you a headache, either!
    Videos are a great addition to any website, especially if you have tutorials. This cloud-based video editing service allows you to make your own multimedia content easily. You can save your raw footage in the cloud, such as Dropbox or Google Drive, and edit from there. It is mainly compatible with YouTube and other online video services, so you can upload directly.
    Another tool you can use to make infographics, posters, and presentations on your site is Piktochart. You have templates, icons, images, videos, and charts. You can work in blocks and then compose the whole thing into an infographic when you’re done.
  10. FontFace.Ninja
    We have all come across other websites with interesting font types that we would love to identify. FontFace Ninja is a Chrome and Safari extension, which will let you identify any website font type you encounter, try it in different sizes, and even download it. 

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