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Tip #11:  Create a Facebook Video Ad

Use the power of video to get build your email list, and therefore get more sales for your business on Facebook.   64% of buyers are more likely to purchase a product after watching a video that explains it. (Data from comScore)

There are lots of ways to create a video. You can record yourself or another person talking about your product (the “talking head” video), or you can use images and animated text. You can get started with a short script and basic gear and improve as you go. Remember that people relate more to authenticity than to perfection, so just have fun with it.

Giving away something for free is the easiest way to get a customer to give you their email address.  

Step #1 – Writing your ad and script:

First decide on your free gift and write ad wording for the Facebook ad. A weight loss clinic may structure their script like so:

  1. Are you struggling with your weight? Are you too exhausted to even try to follow a diet? (State a problem people commonly have that you business can fix.)  
  2. Power up your body, lose weight fast and safely!  (Then state what makes your product fix it that is unique to others.)
  3. Download your FREE healthy power shake recipe! Thousands have tried it already!   (Then offer your free item.)

The goal of your video ad is to entice people to sign up for something free.  They get their free gift and you get their email address for future advertising of products for them to purchase.   

Then write your video script:

Hi, do you struggle with your weight?
My name is …. and I’m the founder of ….
I’ve created a protein and vitamin Power Shake that tastes good, fills you up, and aids you in quick weight loss.
65,432 people have already tried it and have reached their goal weights.
Just click the Download button in this post to get instant access to your free shake recipe.

A video script like this will by approximately 30 to 45 seconds.  Practice it over and over until it flows smoothly and feels natural.

Step #2 – Set up your Equipment

Your equipment doesn’t need to be fancy.  An inexpensive webcam or even a nice cell phone can video your ad.  Make sure your background is plain and not distracting.  Good quality audio is very important.  Use a USB mic.  Lighting is also very important so light your room well.  Use a combination of overhead lights and lamps so there aren’t any strong shadows.

Step #3: Record the Video

Hit the Record button.  Remember you can record it over and over and then edit the best sections together.  Talk directly to the camera and feel comfortable like you’re talking to a person inside the camera.

Step #4: Edit wording and photos into your Video

There are lots of free video editing software programs out there.  Simply upload your video, edit it down to the clips you want.  Add in light music, product photos, etc. To look very professional, overlay your company logo onto the bottom of your video.  End you video with a photo of the download button that you want them to click. Visually explaining what action you want people to take can make a big difference in your click-through rate.  

Step #5: Start your Ad Campaign

Upload your video to Facebook!

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